Is DirectX 11 compatible with xp?
2010-11-07 05:27:17 UTC
I might be getting a ATI Radeon 5770 for Christmas it has DirectX 11, is this compatible with win xp sp 3
or do I have to get win 7
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2010-11-07 05:40:08 UTC
Upgrading to W 7 would make sense, if your XP box can even run W7, since DirectX 11 is not, and will not ever be, offered for XP.

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TIP: Your ATI Radeon 5770 will still run under XP, but, with limited features.
2010-11-07 05:31:46 UTC
DirectX 9 was the last version of DirectX to be officially supported on XP. For DirectX 11, you'll need to upgrade. You could always look for a modified version released by the community, but it will obviously not be supported by Microsoft, and most likely won't run properly.
Justin B
2010-11-07 05:34:03 UTC
Direct X11 is only available on Windows 7, Windows Xp only supports Direct X9
2016-12-15 17:11:05 UTC
Directx 11 might desire to paintings on XP . i think of you have different problems if abode windows is using all your reminiscence . I run 7 ultimate and it basically makes use of around 6-seven hundred MB. whilst no longer in use .attempt unloading a number of the courses which you have on startup to unfastened extra reminiscence .
2014-08-11 16:41:49 UTC
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