What are file formats for pictures?
Alan S
2008-09-08 12:31:34 UTC
What are the typical file formats for pictures on the computer, jpg,etc.?
Four answers:
2008-09-08 12:41:16 UTC
Typically, the ones you'll see most often are .jpg/.jpeg, .gif, .bmp and .tiff.
2008-09-08 20:02:16 UTC
Although the number of file formats for images is huge (I think somebody put a complete list in your answer) you only have to worry for THREE: .bmp, .gif and .jpg. If somebody is sending you pictures in a format that is not any of those, refuse to accept them!
2016-10-02 14:51:32 UTC
each and all the responses above are ultimate suited in that JPG is the main broadly regarded and supported format. yet undergo in strategies that the way JPG achieves its compression and as a consequence smaller document length is to discard redundant pixels. meaning that when you shop a picture contained in the JPG format, documents that became as quickly as area of the image is being deleted. As a photographer, my digicam saves information in a proprietary uncooked format regularly occurring as CR2. while saving the photographs to my computer I shop them as TIFF so not one of the pixels are discarded as a consequence degrading the regularly occurring of my photographs.
2008-09-08 12:35:32 UTC
.2GR APPLIED TO Win 3x on 286 or 386 computers

.3GR Special Windows function on 386, 486 and Pentiums

.386 Swap files and others that help run in enhanced mode

.ANI Animated Cursors

.ARC Compressed file format

.AVI Movie file

.BAK Backup file

.BAT Batch file. Runs a series of DOS commands

.BMP Bit Map picture file. The only format used for wallpaper. Can view in Paint.

.CAB Cabinet file. Compressed files holding program setup files.

.CAL Calendar file

.CBT Tutorial file

.CFG configuration file usually used with MIDI music

.CHK Bad data converted to a file by the Checkdisk or Scandisk program.

.CLP files created by Windows Clipboard

.COM DOS/Windows system file

.CPL Control Panel file

.CRD Windows Cardfile file (Old program from Win 3x)

.CUR Cursor files

.DAT Data files

.DEV Device Driver File

.DLL Dynamic Link Library file used by most Windows programs to activate special instructions

.DOC Document files created by Microsoft WordPad and Word and old versions of WordPerfect

.DRV Device Driver File

.EPS Postscript Printer File

.EXE Main file that runs a Program

.FON Font file used in Win 3x

.FOT Font file used with Win 3x

.GIF Picture/Graphic file

.GRP Group file for menus

.HLP Help files

.HST History files

.ICO Icon files

.INF Information files associated with a Program.

.INI Initialization files contain information to set options for a program. Most common are the Win.ini and System.ini in Windows. Run Sysedit.exe to look at these.

.JPG and .JPEG Picture/Graphics file. Used extensively on the Web and in Digital cameras. Cannot view with older versions of Paint. Newer versions work with .jpg files. Typically in Win Me, 2000 & XP

.MID and .MIDI Sound files

.MPG Movie files

.MSP Old graphics format

.NET Network files

.OVR Overlay files (small parts of larger files)

.PAL Palette file for use with Paint programs

.PAR Permanent Swap File

.PCX Another Graphic format

.PDF Adobe Acrobat file. Needs Acrobat Reader to open it.

.PIF Program Information File for Windows to run a DOS program

.PIX Picture/Graphic format

.REC Windows Recorder files

.RLE Picture/Graphic files

.RTF Rich Text Format (Similar to .TXT but with better looking text. Can be read by any Wordprocessor.

.SCR Screen Saver Files

.SRC Files used to create .INI files

.SWP Temporary Swap files. Space on Hard drive for Windows to hold data when the RAM is full.

.SYD Backup file created by Sysedit

.SYS System files

.TIF/TIFF Picture files

.TMP Temporary files created while programs are in use. Should be deleted when the program closes properly.

.TRM Windows Terminal files

.TTF True Type Font file (the most common on in Windows)

.TXT Text files created and readable by any wordprocessor

.VOC Sound files

.WAV Sound files (Most common in Windows)

.WIN Windows Backup files

.WPD Document files created by WordPerfect

.WRI Old files created by Win 3x Write program (replaced by WordPad in Win 9x. WordPad will read .WRI files

.ZIP Compressed files. Cannot be used until unzipped with PKZip or WinZip

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