Linux Distro: Widgets?
Mike Wentworth
2013-01-19 09:15:37 UTC
What's the best Linux Distro? In terms of customization, widgets, etc. I knew one that was FOR Widgets, like it looked like Windows Ultimate, on the bottom it says "Add Widgets to Linux Desktop." etc. Something like that.

I used to use Zorin, but now not sure what I want to use. Any suggestions? I know in any Linux you can "do whatever you want since it's open source, but just asking.
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2013-01-19 11:56:54 UTC
What ever you find in one Linux can be installed in the Linux you are using. They all basically use the same Linux files from the Distributions Repository File System. If they are different Distributions and there is .one you find not in yours, you download the source files and convert them to what your Linux type uses to install files. Use the Software Center or the program Synaptic to find what you want to install Most of the things you see are programs that have been tweaked by the user and not what they originally looked like when installed. Linux is all about personal customization of your Desktop Windows Environment to look just the way you want it to look. I am not sure about the question itself as to which one you are searching for. Personally I don't use the new version of Zorin and generally I make a lot of changes in what ever I use. No matter which Linux I decide to try, I always go back to what I created.

I know this doesn't exactly answer the question.
2013-01-19 09:45:00 UTC
Look: over time we tend to customize our own desktops anyhow whether we know how or not. Check out this page:

That's why I went back to slackware in fact. I actually tried the old 2.4 dyne:bolic live cd and realized it was slackware based and had a lot in common with my -- I think debian at that time though it might have been Fedora -- desktop and there was a lot about Debian or whatever I was getting sick of. So I went back to Slackware for about a week -- I had my home directory on a separate partition and I just wrote over the / partition-- I had "my" desktop back in two days and I've been running it for almost six years now.

If you like a particular desktop then look up engines for it. Ubuntu is less customizable than other distros but the things you can do -- even on the NEW Fedora is insane.
2013-01-19 09:38:23 UTC
So you want widgets?

Install Linux Mint KDE

Add the analog clock widget and CLICK on the clock

You get all te holidays

Also when you are running KDE install qtcurve if you don't have it

System settungs > appearence > choose qtcurve

Click apply and click customize

Go to the third um listing " opacity "

Chane all of it to 15% or lower

Click ok and click apply on the main window



If you use your computer late at night then install f.lux

( the Windows version first to make it easy )

After you install the windows version and want an even warmer screen then go to the linux version but it's not easy to setup

You can do the following though ( without the $ )

$ xflux -z##### -k 2700

Put zipcode for the # if you live in the US
2013-01-19 10:36:56 UTC

Widgets can be installed in most Linux distros.

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