Why should I upgrade to Windows 10?
2015-12-08 04:01:05 UTC
Why should I upgrade to Windows 10?
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2015-12-08 12:11:20 UTC
You "should" upgrade only if your computer is Windows 10 compatible. Make sure first because there have been A LOT of hardware and software compatibility issues with it. Audio cards, video cards, wireless mouse, wireless keyboards, printers, and scanners. For each that apply to you, you need to verify they are compatible with Win 10. Depending on how new your PC is, you can go to the manufacturer website and see what they're saying about your model. If your computer is not listed on the website, or is fairly old (more than 3yrs would be "fairly old") then you need to go to the manufacturer website of each device and look up your model. If it's not compatible then by now the manufacturer will have released a driver update. You also need to do this for your software programs.

After you verify compatibility then it's a person decision. I think Win 10 is a great. However you may not, because like all operating system changes, it is solely up to the user. But Win 7 has already been discontinued and Win 8.1 will soon follow.
2015-12-11 01:24:03 UTC
Its not Mandatory if you are comfortable in previous window version .

In other part you want add some new updation on your current you can upgrade in window 10 .

Features of window 10

Better than window 8, 8.1 and others

Microsoft's Universal approach


Apps that run everywhere

Full XboX support

2015-12-08 05:04:45 UTC
Windows 10 is a good OS but it has some things that I don't care for and I won't upgrade. For one thing, you no longer have control over which updates you want. Also it has built in spy tech or what I consider to be spy tech. They can tell every site that you go to and what you do. If I wanted them to know, I would tell them. This is done in order to target you with specific advertisements geared on what you look at or buy online. If I were to go to Windows 10 it would be on a new computer and would be working before I accepted it.

2015-12-10 01:01:20 UTC
One of the unique reasons to upgrade to Windows 10 is the presence of apps that work with it. Just like your usual smartphone, it runs not only desktop applications installed the traditional way but also developer apps downloaded from the Windows Store.

Windows 10 offers to be promising in the apps area. In fact developers are hard-pressed to take advantage of the Windows 10 launch by doing their best to create apps they know thousands of Windows 10 users will find useful.

Windows 10 update also rolls out to Xbox One. Soon, it will also be available to select mobile phones.
2015-12-08 21:00:51 UTC
I think you need not update to Windows 10. Actually the truth is that, the best Windows OS ever made is Windows 7. All the updated versions are nothing but a new theme. The most work ability you will find in Windows 7.
2015-12-16 07:19:36 UTC
Only if you want to risk less compatibility and stability. Windows 10 right now, is still not as stable as 7 or 8.1, although major issues tend to be related to what you install. Some hardware such as graphics cards, printers etc may no longer work in 10 at all, and drivers to install for old hardware may never be available. Google to find out if all of your hardware will work in 10 if you are concerned. Youtube has lots of examples of the windows 10 installation going wrong, or people showing their hardware problems. My own installation took a very long time, so be very patient, even if you think it has crashed, leave it! My own system installed 10 and booted to a blank screen with cursor. I have integrated intel graphics. I had to install windows 10 compatible drivers for 10 to work properly after that.


Heavy windows security tools such as Avast and Comodo have been causing headaches for many. I have had numerous problems with the windows 10 desktop disappearing and the start menu not working when I click, but it all came down to the two programs I mention above. After a lot of testing, Bitdefender, Panda, AVG, Eset (30 day) all seem to work ok. Avira was on the system briefly too although is quite heavy on the system, and I dont know if random crashes will occur as with the two programs I mention.

I haven't tested many firewalls, there aren't many free options so make sure you stick to something light if you don't want to run into too many problems. I am just using windows firewall at the moment, which is good enough as long as I only go on websites I am familiar with, that I know are safe. There are tools that can help windows firewall block programs access the internet such as Glasswire, Windows Firewall Control and Tinywall, although as free software some might not be blocked until they've run at least once, or might block too much if you are not technical. PrivateFirewall is a very light firewall that might also be worth a go, but in order to be very secure you will encounter many pop ups. If you are running suspicious software, try running it with Sandboxie and make sure you have an antivirus installed.

Before installing 10, you might want to back up an image of your current windows 7 or 8 to another hard drive, if you have a spare one around. Or copy all of your most important files such as documents and other saved files to another computer, hard drive, usb stick, or if you don't have a lot, even dvd, before installing 10.

Windows 10 is similar to 7, 8 and 8.1, as they are all a derivative of Vista (windows 6). They are really the same system, but as with each major update, microsoft simply sells it as a 'new operating system', when in reality it is not. Windows 10 is an update of 8.1, using the exact same colourful Start metro interface, which can show in full screen or as a menu, to view the start content and apps. You also have the option of a tablet mode, which lets you close windows and programs in the same manner as windows 8 (holding left click and dragging from the top of the page to the bottom).

The default Start menu in 10, is 8's start screen, squeezed into a single column on the left. They are near identical as if you are not on a touchscreen, you will need to use the scrollwheel on your mouse to browse the menu. It is still not the traditional start menu you had in 7, as you cannot drag and drop items within it, and you cannot view folders (although you can browse to any shortcuts location in explorer, showing the folders). To solve this and get your original start menu back, install Classic Shell.

Apart from a most features kept from 8.1 such as multiple desktops, and some new ones few people may use (cortana) it is really still the same operating system, except it is less compatible and less stable, especially with security software. If you hated the look of 8 you may not like 10, but again, classic shell will help solve that (it works in 7,8 and 10). Good luck!
2015-12-08 04:54:09 UTC
No need to, unless you want to be using the most secure, safest, most up to date version of Windows...

Win 10 is being continually updated with new features and improvements. These are loaded as a standard part of Windows Update on a regualr monthly basis.

Why Windows 10?

Start Menu

Continuum for tablet / desktop switching

Cortana - your personal assistant

Edge Browser (IE 11 is still installed if you need it for backwards compatibility)

Windows apps on the desktop

Improved built-in apps, e.g.

Mail, Maps, Calendar, Photos, News, Weather, Sports

Office apps now available from the Store

Improved Search capability - in the PC and across the web

Improved Settings app and control panel

Action Center / Notification Center

File Explorer improvements

Windows Store improvements

Phone Companion - Links your phone to the PC and other services.

Task View and multiple desktops - Task switcher

Windows snap to quickly enable multiple side-by-side windows

Automatic updates and continual improvements as Windows as a Service kicks in.

More secure and resilient

Scheduled restarts if a reboot is required

Improved Command Prompt window

DirectX 12 for better performance in games

Support app - find online tips or chat with Microsoft support online (everyone who upgrades to Windows 10 gets a free 15 minute support phone call to Microsoft).

Much easier for developers to port an application from iOS or Android to Windows.

Device Guard, which prevents applications from running unless they are recognised.

Windows Hello, for biometric authentication.

Secure Boot, which prevents malicious software from loading while a computer boots, thereby potentially compromising the operating system as soon as it starts.
2015-12-08 12:00:34 UTC
Wouldn;t upgrade just yet, their still fixing alot of the bugs in it, but if you want to try it out, 1st make a system restore point before you upgrade. that way if you don;t like W-10 you can always revert back to what you were using
2015-12-08 04:45:41 UTC
If you are using an original windows, then you should get a notifications on the Taskbar asking you to install the updates for Windows 10. Depending on the version and model of your laptop, you will receive the update once Microsoft releases it for your model!
2015-12-08 04:03:27 UTC
No reason at all. W10 is imperfect and has caused many upgraders some grief. If you are a risk taker go ahead. I value my data too much to be sucked in by a free offer.
2015-12-08 04:11:36 UTC
Comeback of Start Menu with improvements

Most of us really missed the start menu in Windows 8 which Microsoft tried to imitate with something similar in Windows 8.1 but failed miserably. In Windows 10, Start menu makes a decent comeback with inclusion of METRO styled live tiles which can be customized as per your choice.

Why you should upgrade to Windows 10

Windows 10 Start Menu with Live tiles

Embedded user account in the start menu blends in giving a sleek look to the whole menu.

Operations are faster

Microsoft has really worked on making their applications’s loading time better. Everything is well optimized. We can expect more improvement in future beta and final versions. All applications open swiftly, be it Windows Music App, Store or New empty Window itself. This is maybe because of every app in opening in Windowed mode instead of full screen.


Multiple desktops in Windows 10

Those windows loving power users who had to shift to Linux distros because of multiple work space/desktop option now have something to cheer up for. With Windows 10, Multiple Desktop named as TaskView is introduced in which you can have as much different desktops/work-spaces. Its pretty useful for web developers, bloggers, graphic designers, Internet marketers, etc who have to work on different assignments/projects without a problem. You can open and view different application windows on different desktops making it easier to manage.

The concept is of multiple desktops is with a twist. Desktop is one so will be the shortcuts, icons but launched programs, applications, documents, etc will be separate on different desktops giving your multiple work-spaces to work for working on different assignment projects, elements
2015-12-09 14:11:53 UTC
You get better Frames Per Second in some games and better performance.

The UI looks moderner lol

HOWEVER, you cant play some games like GTA IV on it
2015-12-09 09:39:07 UTC
well a matter of choice, however is the latest and greatest.. if you want to keep up with technology then windows 10! but if you just want to use facebook .. use a mac
2015-12-12 21:54:45 UTC
you should not. find out how to remove those updates which shows upgrade notification.
2015-12-08 04:03:57 UTC
In my opinion, you shouldn't. Some games don't work with it. I can no longer play one of my favorite games. :(
2015-12-11 14:04:27 UTC
yes it runs better than older version.
2015-12-09 01:29:14 UTC
Don't need to.
2015-12-09 13:33:40 UTC
Yes. Cause it is the best one.
2015-12-08 04:01:59 UTC
No need to.
2015-12-13 20:19:16 UTC
2015-12-08 17:39:45 UTC
**** you

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